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A2 magnetic induction card holder

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A2 MagSafe Proximity Card Holder

The new A2 proximity card holder combines unique style and function. Now, it also supports "induction" function, one-card, EasyCard, or credit card that supports payment function, and can be used for inductive payment in MRT, bus, YouBike, etc. without taking out the card.

The standard MagSafe arrangement with strong suction magnets is included, which can be easily attached to the back of the iPhone; you can even attach it to the MagSafe protective case to create your unique style. This proximity card holder can hold up to two credit card, the induction function is limited to single identification.


Technical leather PU


65.3 x 97.5 x 6.7mm



Card capacity

two cards

A2 感應卡包


A2 結合了現代科技和可攜性,為您帶來無與倫比的便利和安全性。這款錢包具有單面單卡感應功能,讓您在使用時只需放入單張卡片,即可享受無縫的感應體驗。

card type

induction test

The following specification tables have actual test environments, and the card can be paid directly without taking out the card.

MRT Taiwan Rapid Transit

  • All-in-one card ☑️
  • Easy Card ☑️


  • All-in-one card ☑️
  • Easy Card ☑️

family mart

  • All-in-one card ☑️
  • Easy Card ☑️

7-11 Uni-President Supermarket

  • All-in-one card ☑️
  • Easy Card ☑️

MTR Hong Kong subway

  • Octopus ☑️

Room card sensor

  • Overseas room card ☑️
MRT station

All-in-one card ☑️

Easy Card ☑️


All-in-one card ☑️

Easy Card ☑️


All-in-one card ☑️

Easy Card ☑️

Convenience stores

All-in-one card ☑️

Easy Card ☑️

MTR Subway (Hong Kong)

Octopus ☑️


Plug-in patches

Let the protective case that does not support MagSafe open the plug-in

SN MagSafe Patch - UNIUSN MagSafe Patch - UNIU


Supported cases

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