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MagFlex™ magnetic roll-on charging cable (1m)

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size: 1 meter
color: White
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feature of product

MagFlex™ USB-C Magnetic Reel Charging Cable

The MagFlex™ USB-C Magnetic Roll-On Charging Cable is your efficient, convenient and neat charging solution. This innovatively designed charging cable not only has a powerful magnetic attraction function, but can also be easily stored in a circle, making charging simple and organized whether you are at home, in the office or on the go.

Interface Type


Charging power


data transfer speed


Wire length



Aluminum alloy + braided nylon

Warranty period

2 years (non-human damage)

MagFlex™ is a new generation transmission line with convenient magnetic absorption function, starting to experience a tidy and orderly life.


The reinforced design of the metal aluminum shell and SR joint effectively extends the service life of the product.


Now I take this cable with me when I go abroad or on business trips, it is really convenient.


Magnetic absorption sodium

Magnetic storage

Magnetic absorption sodium

Magnetic storage


Convenient to store neatly, the desktop is completely renewed.




Compatible devices

PD3.0 fast charging protocol

Supports USB-C PD fast charging protocol, providing up to 3A/60W charging power to quickly charge your devices. It also supports high-speed 480Mbps data transmission, allowing you to easily transfer files while charging.

Apple iPhone

27W (Max)

Apple iPad

35W (Max)

AirPods Pro 2

5W (Max)

Magnetic roll design

Storage and carrying

The magnetic wire can be easily rolled into a tight circle, which saves space and makes storage and portability easy. This is especially useful for users who need to move or carry their device frequently.

High-quality materials


The 48-spindle nylon wire has excellent flexibility, is not easy to knot, and is easy to operate and use. This makes it very practical in applications requiring high flexibility.

Focus on details

Bending resistant design

The USB-C connector uses a metal aluminum shell and an SR connector reinforced design to effectively extend product life.

Connector size

Applicable mobile phone case

MagFlex™ is also made for mobile phone cases. The USB-C connector uses a smaller design to facilitate plugging and unplugging without interference from the opening of the mobile phone case.

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product comparison

MagFlex™ is available in two sizes and two colors. Here are our recommendations for purchasing. For color matching, it is recommended to choose the color of your device.

Product length

1.5 meters/ (150 cm)

1 meter/ (100 cm)

Usage environment

Suitable for home and office use. (wide range of use)

Does not take up space and is easy to carry. (most choices)


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