SN MagSafe magnet plug-in patch

Sale price$480

model: Universal_Use outside the mobile phone case
color: classic black


SN MagSafe Patch

UNIU SN MagSafe Patch external patch is specially designed for mobile phone case. The super strong patented magnet is 3 times stronger than the original factory. It is the thinnest, lightest and strongest external patch on the market. Easy to install, suitable for plastic and flat surfaces, just align it with the center of the Apple logo and install it. The thickness is only 1.5mm and the ultra-thin structure design makes you forget its existence.


PC + 38 super strong magnets


55.6 x 78.7 x 1.5mm



Disposable adhesive

Can be replaced by DIY (click to buy)

SN MagSafe Patch

About Design

Simple, convenient and beautiful, this is the core value of our products.

Standard module MagSafe

Built-in 38 standard magnet arrangements, fully in line with MagSafe magnetic positioning.

Compatible with MagSafe perfectly

Contains the two positioning magnets below, allowing you to perfectly experience the unlocking suction experience brought by MagSafe.

easy to install

Using the patch mode, the protective case without MagSafe can be unlocked and upgraded.

Auxiliary positioning line

We specially designed a line at the bottom to allow you to align the installation design without auxiliary tools.

world's thinnest

The thickness is only 1.5mm, and it feels round and comfortable.

x3 times magnetic force

The magnetic force is three times that of the original factory standard, the suction is stronger, and the unlocking feeling is three times more refreshing.


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