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NEAT ultra-thin silicone protective case-magnetic version

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model: iPhone 13
color: classic black


NEAT flexible and worry-free

NEAT ultra-thin silicone protective case insists on using medical-grade silicone material to bring the highest standard of protection to your phone. This special material ensures that your phone is not only softly cushioned against light shocks, but also resistant to common stains and contamination, keeping your phone looking like new at all times.


Medical grade silicone + PC


6.1inch (52x82x55mm) | 6.7inch (44x23x52mm)


34g / 45g


Thin and skin-friendly

NEAT silicone phone case not only provides reliable protection for the phone, but also enhances the tactility to the extreme. The thin and light appearance and skin-friendly touch make the mobile phone as comfortable as a second skin. No matter how long you use it, you can feel unburdened and relaxed.

Evolve Again

Wonderful two-color

Our designs focus on taste and functionality, featuring a carefully crafted two-tone look. This color matching not only makes your mobile phone more elegant, but also ensures the convenience of button operation, bringing you a more visual and smooth mobile phone experience.


Accurate positioning, instant charging

The precise positioning effect of 38 magnets brings great convenience to your charging experience. Just hold your phone close to the charger and the magnets will instantly locate it, making the charging process effortless. This intelligent positioning not only saves your time, but also ensures charging efficiency and stability.

iPhone 13 Series

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Italian matt leather Mastrotto + PC + Aluminum

Medical grade silicone + PC


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