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NEAT all-inclusive silicone anti-fall shell-magnetic version

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model: iPhone 12
style: MagSafe Magnetic Version
color: classic black


NEAT Minimalist Art

NEAT mobile phone case is a top-notch protection solution specially designed for iPhone 12. It not only excels in protection performance, but also leads the trend with its stylish design and advanced functions. Whether you're looking for rugged protection, unique style, or an innovative app experience, NEAT phone cases can provide you with unparalleled satisfaction.


Liquid silicone + PC


52x82x55mm | 44x23x52mm


34g / 45g

Lens height


screen height


iPhone 12


iPhone 12 Pro | 12 Pro Max



Full planar covering, the difference before and after installation can be seen in the figure below.




MagSafe compatible

With the continuous development of technology, MagSafe technology has become an indispensable part of modern life. The NEAT phone case and MagSafe are perfectly combined to create an unprecedented experience for you. Easily absorb and hold firmly, let your mobile phone work perfectly with MagSafe peripheral devices, whether it is charging, accessories, or more creative applications, it will be easily realized!

Button design, feel the beauty of culture

We have incorporated the details of design into the product to make the NEAT phone case a true work of art. The buttons are designed in Braille, which not only makes your phone unique, but also allows you to experience the beauty of different languages ​​and cultures. Every touch is a cultural journey.

Medical grade liquid silicone, safe and non-toxic

We take great care in the choice of materials because we know your health and environmental awareness are equally important. NEAT phone case is made of medical-grade liquid silicone, which is not only tough and durable, but also non-toxic and harmless. You can use it with confidence without worrying about harmful substances affecting you and your family.

Explosion Design

One-piece molding is strong and durable. The material is guaranteed not to be separated, and the parts are disassembled and explained.

Inner Layer - Microfiber

The fiber fleece is gentle on the phone and protects the back from scratches.

Middle layer - hard plastic

The middle layer of plastic is the shell skeleton of the product. The outer layer is soft but the core is stiff, which can prevent the shell from being punctured.

Outer layer - medical silicone

The outer layer is made of liquid silicone, which is skin-friendly, dirt-resistant and comfortable to the touch, and has always been the favorite of consumers.

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iPhone 12 Series

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Liquid silicone + PC

Liquid silicone + PC


Drop height

2M / 6.5ft

2M / 6.5ft

1.6M / 3.3ft


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