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CUERO Italian matte leather protective case-magnetic version

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model: iPhone 13
color: matte black


CUERO Italian matte leather

Combining elegance and protection, the CUERO Italian matte leather phone case is the ideal companion for your everyday life. We've crafted them with craftsmanship, using a unique Italian matte leather for a different touch and style. Designed with attention to detail, CUERO mobile phone cases can not only show your taste, but also ensure that your mobile phone is always safe and worry-free.


Italian matt leather Mastrotto + PC + Aluminum


6.1inch (52x82x55mm) | 6.7inch (44x23x52mm)


34g / 45g

Unique Style

Matte leather texture

The CUERO mobile phone case is made of Italian matte leather Mastrotto, which brings unique texture and style, and instantly sublimates your mobile phone into a fashion accessory.

Take good care of

Microfiber interior protection

We have carefully added microfiber material inside the phone case to gently care for the back of your phone and avoid scratches and friction.

Support MagSafe

Accurate positioning, instant charging

The precise positioning effect of 38 magnets brings great convenience to your charging experience. Just hold your phone close to the charger and the magnets will instantly locate it, making the charging process effortless. This intelligent positioning not only saves your time, but also ensures charging efficiency and stability.

How to use

how to use

After precise manufacturing process, CUERO mobile phone protective case can perfectly fit your mobile phone without affecting the operation, while ensuring complete protection effect.


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Italian matt leather Mastrotto + PC + Aluminum

Medical grade silicone + PC


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