CUERO carbon fiber leather shell-magnetic version

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model: iPhone 14
color: carbon black
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CUERO Carbon Leather Case

CUERO phone case is designed with high-quality carbon fiber leather texture, which not only provides an elegant appearance, but also brings a comfortable touch. This special texture makes your phone more unique, while increasing the stability of the grip and reducing the risk of accidental slips.


Leather + PC


52x82x55mm | 44x23x52mm


34g / 45g

Carbon Leather

carbon fiber leather texture

The exterior of the CUERO phone case features a refined carbon fiber leather texture that gives your phone an elegant style. Whether for business occasions or everyday life, this texture will add elegance and uniqueness to your phone.

Evolve Again

Microfiber interior protection

CUERO mobile phone protective case has carefully added microfiber material inside the mobile phone protective case to gently care for the back of your mobile phone and avoid scratches and friction.

MagSafe Compatible

MagSafe wireless charging

The CUERO phone case has a built-in MagSafe wireless charging magnet array, bringing you unparalleled charging convenience. No more troublesome plugging and unplugging of the charging cable, just gently attach the phone to the MagSafe charger to achieve a fast and stable wireless charging experience.

iPhone 14 Series

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