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Si transparent silicone case

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model: AirPods Pro 2
color: Matte transparent


Si transparent silicone case

The perfect companion for AirPods Pro 2, providing all-round protection for your earphones. We carefully select the best quality materials, and there will be no yellowing problem after long-term use. Whether for daily life, sports or travel, this silicone case keeps AirPods Pro2 safe while showing off a high-quality design. Keep your AirPods Pro2 always in a dazzling state, making the music listening experience more perfect.


Liquid Silicone + PC | Silicone + Plastic


63.4 x 48 x 24




Protective case x1 Silicone short rope x1

MagSafe wireless charging



design elements

Transparent silicone and plastic double-material molding, exclusive design excellent experience.

Skin-friendly texture

The seemingly simple Si silicone protective case is made of two materials. The inner layer is plastic and the outer layer is silicone.

easy connection

There is our UNIU logo design on the back, which can be directly connected to the mobile phone by pressing it, and can be operated intuitively without taking out the host.

airtight design

The whole is airtight covered, and the upper cover can be perfectly fitted without adhesive tape.


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