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NEAT Silicone Case - UNIU

History | 2018 Representative Works

NEAT all-inclusive silicone case

The world's first fully covered drop-resistant silicone protective case made in Taiwan. Won the 2018 Taiwan Classic Design Award.

Representative products of iPhone XS | XR | XS Max

CUERO Leather Case - UNIU

History | 2019 Representative Works

CUERO all-inclusive leather case

The world's first true full-coverage drop-resistant leather case.

Representative products of iPhone 11 | Pro | Pro Max

NEAT Silicone MagSafe Case - UNIU

History | 2020 Representative Works

NEAT fully covered silicone case

The world's first built-in MagSafe silicone protective case.

iPhone 12 | mini | Pro | Pro Max representative products

DAPPER Matte Case - UNIU

History | 2021 Representative Works

DAPPER ultra-thin drop-proof case

The world's first "ultra-thin" drop-resistant case.

Representative products of iPhone 13 | Pro | Pro Max

EVO⁺ 光學透明防摔殼 - UNIU

History | 2022 Representative Works

EVO⁺ Optically Clear Drop-Resistant Case

The world's first stainless steel button protection case, equipped with a mobile phone lanyard FlatFit™ System patented design.

Representative products of iPhone 14 | Plus | Pro | Pro Max

History | 2023 Representative Works

Click Magnetic Buckle Strap

The world's first Apple Watch stainless steel strap with magnetic quick buckle and quick release function.

Representative products of Apple Watch

EÜV 變色透明殼-磁吸版 - UNIU

History | 2023 Representative Works

EÜV Color Changing Transparent Case

EUV color-changing transparent case, the new improved TPU can slow down yellowing and aging, and the ultraviolet shielding function "UV-induced color change" When the periphery of the mobile phone case is exposed to ultraviolet rays (such as sunlight), its surface will produce a special shielding reaction. The originally transparent part will gradually turn gray due to the action of ultraviolet rays, creating an interesting shielding effect. This special effect not only makes the surroundings of the phone case more interesting, but also allows users to experience surprises in different light environments.

Representative products of iPhone 15 | 15 Pro | 15 Pro Max

DAPPER⁺ 霧凝透光殼-磁吸版 - UNIU

History | 2023 Representative Works

DAPPER⁺ mist translucent shell

DAPPER⁺ mobile phone case presents an extremely thin and beautiful matte design, which does not leave fingerprints and has a comfortable and skin-friendly grip experience. Special stainless steel buttons provide real press feedback, giving you the same tactile feel as a real machine, which is pleasant. Additionally, this case not only protects your phone but also showcases its simple yet elegant style. If you want to make your phone even better, this is the case for you.

Representative products of iPhone 15 | 15 Pro | 15 Pro Max

SENSA 羊皮手感殼-磁吸版 - UNIU

History | 2023 Representative Works

SENSA sheepskin feel shell

Traditional sheepskin leather can leave visible marks from scratches, which can be disturbing and unsightly. However, SEASA's new generation sheepskin technology can perfectly solve this problem. We use top-grade synthetic sheepskin material and use exquisite craftsmanship to ensure that the phone case will not leave any marks when faced with daily scratches, and the appearance will always remain like new.

Representative products of iPhone 15 | 15 Pro | 15 Pro Max

History | 2024 Representative Works

MagFlex™ Magnetic Reel Charging Cable

The MagFlex™ USB-C Magnetic Roll-On Charging Cable is your efficient, convenient and neat charging solution. This innovatively designed charging cable not only has a powerful magnetic attraction function, but can also be easily stored in a circle, making charging simple and organized whether you are at home, in the office or on the go.

History | 2024 Representative Works

MeshPro stainless steel mesh strap

MeshPro stainless steel mesh straps are known for their durability and elegant design. Made of high quality stainless steel, thickened to ensure its durability and scratch resistance. Its unique Milanese weave design gives it exceptional comfort and stretch, and easily adjusts to fit a variety of wrist sizes without the use of any tools. Suitable for everyday wear as well as formal occasions, this strap adds luxury and style to your watch.

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