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UNIU ® is a company dedicated to designing Apple accessories, our story begins with the pursuit of creativity and quality. We deeply love the design and craftsmanship of Apple products, and believe that good accessories can enhance the user's experience with Apple products. Therefore, we decided to create a brand focused on providing Apple users with high-quality, unique and stylish accessories.

Our team consists of professional designers, engineers and creative talents, each with a passion for innovation and superior quality. We are constantly exploring the latest materials, technology and design trends to ensure our products can match Apple's elegance and innovation.

We pay attention to details and craft with heart. Through strict quality control and testing procedures, we ensure that each product meets the highest quality standards. We pursue excellence and are committed to bringing the best product experience to users.

Our goal is to become a leader in the field of Apple accessories, providing users with more choices, better quality and better design, and we hope to bring unique and high-quality products to every Apple user.

We believe that Apple accessories should not only be functional, but also a way to express personal style and taste. Therefore, we are constantly exploring new design concepts to create fashionable and personalized accessories, allowing users to show their own unique style.

NEAT Silicone Case - UNIU

History | 2018 Representative Works

NEAT all-inclusive silicone case

The world's first fully covered drop-resistant silicone protective case made in Taiwan. Won the 2018 Taiwan Classic Design Award.

Representative products of iPhone XS | XR | XS Max

CUERO Leather Case - UNIU

History | 2019 Representative Works

CUERO all-inclusive leather case

The world's first true full-coverage drop-resistant leather case.

Representative products of iPhone 11 | Pro | Pro Max

NEAT Silicone MagSafe Case - UNIU

History | 2020 Representative Works

NEAT fully covered silicone case

The world's first built-in MagSafe silicone protective case.

iPhone 12 | mini | Pro | Pro Max representative products

DAPPER Matte Case - UNIU

History | 2021 Representative Works

DAPPER ultra-thin drop-proof case

The world's first "ultra-thin" drop-resistant case.

Representative products of iPhone 13 | Pro | Pro Max

EVO⁺ 光學透明防摔殼 - UNIU

History | 2022 Representative Works

EVO⁺ Optically Clear Drop-Resistant Case

The world's first stainless steel button protection case, equipped with a mobile phone lanyard FlatFit™ System patented design.

Representative products of iPhone 14 | Plus | Pro | Pro Max

History | 2023 Representative Works

Click Magnetic Buckle Strap

The world's first Apple Watch stainless steel strap with magnetic quick buckle and quick release function.

Representative products of Apple Watch

EÜV 變色透明殼-磁吸版 - UNIU

History | 2023 代表性作品

EÜV 變色透明殼

EÜV 變色透明殼,全新改良式TPU能減緩變黃老化,紫外線遮蔽功能「UV感應變色」當手機殼周邊暴露在紫外線下(例如陽光),它的表面會產生特殊的遮蔽反應。原本透明的部分,會因為紫外線的作用而逐漸變灰色,形成有趣的遮蔽效果。這種特殊效果不僅使手機殼周邊更具趣味性,也讓使用者在不同光線環境中感受到驚喜。

iPhone 15 | 15 Pro | 15 Pro Max 代表性產品

DAPPER⁺ 霧凝透光殼-磁吸版 - UNIU

History | 2023 代表性作品

DAPPER⁺ 霧凝透光殼

DAPPER⁺ 手機殼呈現了極致的輕薄和美麗的霧面設計,既不留指紋,又具有舒適親膚的握感體驗。特製的不鏽鋼按鍵提供真實的按壓回饋,讓您感受到與真機一樣的觸感,令人愉悅。此外,這款手機殼不僅能夠保護您的手機,還可以展現其簡潔而優雅的風格。如果您想要讓手機更出色,這款手機殼絕對是您的不二之選。

iPhone 15 | 15 Pro | 15 Pro Max 代表性產品

SENSA 羊皮手感殼-磁吸版 - UNIU

History | 2023 代表性作品

SENSA 羊皮手感殼

傳統羊皮革可能會因刮擦而留下明顯的痕跡,這令人不安且影響美觀。然而,SEASA 的新世代羊皮科技卻能完美解決這個問題。我們運用頂級合成羊皮材料,透過精湛工藝,確保手機殼在面對日常刮擦時不留痕跡,保持外觀永保如新。

iPhone 15 | 15 Pro | 15 Pro Max 代表性產品