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AR Aluminum Alloy Lens Protector

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model: iPhone 14 Pro & 14 Pro Max
color: Purple
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AR Pro Lens Protector

We have carefully designed the lens stickers to ensure that your iPhone lens will always stay as clear as new. We adopt the original camera lens ladder design, which perfectly fits every corner and provides comprehensive protection. In addition, we use stainless steel PVD plating technology to make the lens mount have excellent durability and anti-scratch ability.

In order to allow you to install the lens sticker easily, we also provide special installation aids. This tool ensures a perfect fit of lens mounts, avoiding air bubbles and inaccurate placement.

Most importantly, our lens stickers use high-transparency glass lenses with a clarity of 99%. This means that you can enjoy the original photography experience without being affected by lens stickers.


Stainless Steel/ Aluminum Alloy


Pro 17x2.76mm / 15x1.5mm


34g / 45g

Glass hardness


Optical coating

AR Optical Antireflection Coating Mold

before and after installation

Just like the real machine design, just like not installed.

before installation

After installation


PVD stainless steel lens protector

AR Pro

The original real machine color matching, similarity 99.5.

Install Accessibility Kit

Easy to install

Simple, convenient and beautiful, this is the core value of our products.


Use the provided installation tool to wipe the lens surface clean with alcohol.

Dust removal

After confirming that the cleaning is complete, paste the entire dust removal sticker.


When the dust removal sticker is removed, it is immediately combined with the installation tool to complete the installation.


Look carefully, is it the same as if it is installed or not?


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