STRAP⁺ Lanyard Spacers

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Universal: Lanyard Spacers
color: classic black
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STRAP⁺ Phone Strap Set 6mm

STRAP⁺ is the best partner for your mobile phone case lanyard. Through the lanyard spacer, your mobile phone can support the hook function. Using the multi-functional protective case strap, you can use it on the shoulder or side. The length can be adjusted Easily adjust your most suitable feeling, and free your hands from now on.

rope material

Cotton Rope / Nylon Core

rope size

Rope length 150cm / rope diameter 6mm

Gasket material

Nylon/ weight resistance 10kg

Gasket size

42 x 13.3 x 5.5mm

Mobile phone case strap


你是否曾經在繁忙的一天中,不知道該把手機放在哪裡,或者擔心它會被遺失或掉落?現在,我們為你提供了解決方案 - 手機殼背帶組。

Mobile phone case strap



iPhone & Android



How to use

Simple, convenient and beautiful, this is the core value of our products.

Add lanyard function

Using the STRAP⁺ lanyard spacer to allow the phone case to support the function of the phone lanyard requires a phone case with the lower half covered and integrally formed with the back panel.

two usage modes

Through the extension of the mobile phone lanyard, it is convenient to use in two modes of hanging around the neck and cross-body. The length of the rope can be easily adjusted and stretched to free your hands.

Weight resistance 10kg

The STRAP⁺ lanyard spacer is tested to withstand a weight of 10kg. The material is made of ultra-thin nylon, which will not break easily under normal use.



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