DAPPER⁺ Anti-shock case with ultra-transparent matte surface

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The DAPPER⁺ mobile phone case presents the ultimate thinness and beautiful matte design, which does not leave fingerprints and has a comfortable and skin-friendly grip experience. The special stainless steel buttons provide real pressing feedback, allowing you to feel the same touch as the real machine, which is pleasant. Besides, this case can not only protect your phone, but also show off its simple and elegant style. If you want to make your phone stand out, this is the case for you.




52x82x55mm | 44x23x52mm


34g / 45g

iPhone 14 Pro Space Black


iPhone 14 Pro Prussian Blue


iPhone 14 Pro Dawn Powder


StarpLink™ patented gasket system

DAPPER⁺ was designed with the needs of mobile phone straps in mind. Using DAPPER⁺ can reduce the phenomenon of uneven bottom caused by gaskets, and it will not affect the charging method.

Plug-in MagSafe

If you want to enter the MagSafe ecosystem, you can purchase an external MagSafe to turn you into a 3 times stronger magnetic monster.

PVD stainless steel

Our products are equipped with PVD stainless steel independent buttons to provide you with the ultimate experience. The buttons are made of durable materials that give you the feel and feedback of pressing directly on your phone.

DAPPER⁺ ultra-transparent matte surface

Ultra Matte

Explosion Design

One-piece molding is strong and durable. The material is guaranteed not to be separated, and the parts are disassembled and explained.

FlatFit™ Lanyard Spacer Flattening

Using the mobile phone strap gasket can support the flattening of the bottom gasket without affecting the appearance and charging function. You can refer to the 6mm shoulder lanyard set .

Air cushion anti-drop design|2 meters high

The anti-drop system is made of TPU anti-shock material, and the anti-drop height can reach two meters.

independent button

The silver PVD stainless steel button restores the texture and feedback of a real mobile phone, and the shiny effect is like a gemstone shining.

"2H" scratch-resistant back plate inside and out

The light transmittance can reach 99%, and the internal and external 2H scratch-resistant design does not cause scars during disassembly and assembly.

shop of look

StarpLink™ lanyard spacer with a flat design for a clean finish.

STRAP⁺ 背帶掛繩組 6mm - UNIU
STRAP⁺ Strap Lanyard Set 6mm Sale price$687 Regular price$780
STRAP⁺ 背帶掛繩組 6mm - UNIUSTRAP⁺ 背帶掛繩組 6mm - UNIU
STRAP⁺ Strap Lanyard Set 6mm Sale price$687 Regular price$780

iPhone 14 Series

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Drop height

2M / 6.5ft

2M / 6.5ft

1.6M / 3.3ft


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