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SENSA sheepskin feel shell-magnetic version (button type)

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model: iPhone 15 Pro
color: misty gray
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Traditional sheepskin leather can leave visible marks from scratches, which can be disturbing and unsightly. However, SEASA's new generation sheepskin technology can perfectly solve this problem. We use top-grade synthetic sheepskin material and use exquisite craftsmanship to ensure that the phone case will not leave any marks when faced with daily scratches, and the appearance will always remain like new.





SENSA product structure design. SENSA requires up to 64 hand-made processes to complete a work.

StarpLink™ patented gasket system

Using the mobile phone strap gasket can support the flattening of the bottom gasket without affecting the appearance and charging function. You can refer to the 6mm shoulder lanyard set .

MagSafe powerful magnet module

Complying with MagSafe magnetic arrangement, the super strong 95n magnet can firmly attract accessories.

TPU soft edge material

The soft-edged TPU can absorb strong shocks and protect the phone, and the soft covering is designed to be easily disassembled and assembled.

independent button

PVD stainless steel buttons restore the texture and feedback of a real mobile phone, and the inner layer contains an anti-scratch protective patch.

"2H" scratch-resistant back plate inside and out

The light transmittance can reach 99%, and the internal and external 2H scratch-resistant design does not cause scars during disassembly and assembly.

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SENSA's colors are long-lasting, thanks to advanced processing technology. No matter how light a shade you choose, you can rest assured that the color will be long-lasting and vibrant and won't fade.

iPhone 15 Pro

jazz black

iPhone 15 Pro

foggy gray

iPhone 15 Pro

dark night purple


Can be paired with the A2 MagSafe proximity card holder, making it a good companion for your commute.

new product
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A2 magnetic induction card holder Sale price$687 Regular price$780
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