DAPPER⁺ Fog translucent shell-magnetic version (open hole type)

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model: iPhone 15
color: space black



The DAPPER⁺ mobile phone case presents the ultimate thinness and beautiful matte design, which does not leave fingerprints and has a comfortable and skin-friendly grip experience. The special stainless steel buttons provide real pressing feedback, allowing you to feel the same touch as the real machine, which is pleasant. Besides, this case can not only protect your phone, but also show off its simple and elegant style. If you want to make your phone stand out, this is the case for you.

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TPU + PC + 38 magnets (one piece)


6.1 inches (15 & 15 Pro)

  • 151x75x11.5mm
  • 31g (including magnet)

6.7 inches (15 Pro Max)

  • 165x82x11.5mm
  • 35.5g (including magnet)

6.1 inches (15 & 15 Pro)

  • 151x75x11.5mm
  • 28g

6.7 inches (15 Pro Max)

  • 165x82x11.5mm
  • 33g

Height 2mm (applicable to full version protective sticker)

Height 2mm (applicable to full version protective sticker)

iPhone 15 Pro Max space black


iPhone 15 Pro space black


iPhone 15 space black


Explosion Design

One-piece molding is strong and durable. The material is guaranteed not to be separated, and the parts are disassembled and explained.

StarpLink™ patented gasket system

Using the mobile phone strap gasket can support the flattening of the bottom gasket without affecting the appearance and charging function. You can refer to the 6mm shoulder lanyard set .

TPU soft edge material

The soft-edged TPU can absorb strong shocks and protect the phone, and the soft covering is designed to be easily disassembled and assembled.

independent button

PVD stainless steel buttons restore the texture and feedback of a real mobile phone, and the inner layer contains an anti-scratch protective patch.

"2H" scratch-resistant back plate inside and out

The light transmittance can reach 99%, and the internal and external 2H scratch-resistant design does not cause scars during disassembly and assembly.

MagSafe powerful magnet module

Complying with MagSafe magnetic arrangement, the super strong 95n magnet can firmly attract accessories.

Patented gasket system


It can be perfectly paired with the lanyard spacer and is suitable for those with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Patented gasket system

The metal hook can be extended through the lanyard spacer, allowing the phone to be used as a strap lanyard or for more use situations.

Installation method

When using the lanyard spacer for the first time, there will be some slight positioning that needs to be adjusted. Watch the video to learn how to adjust it to the completed state.

Charging integration

Our design has reserved enlarged charging holes, which are compatible with all third-party charging accessories, and can flatten the lower half of the cover.

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