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MeshPro stainless steel Milan strap

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size: 45/44/42mm (pre-order-shipping on June 10)
color: stainless steel black


Mesh Pro

Mesh Pro stainless steel mesh straps are known for their durability and elegant design. Made of high quality stainless steel , thickened to ensure its durability and scratch resistance. Its unique Milanese weave design allows for superior comfort and breathability and is easily adjustable without the use of any tools . Suitable for everyday wear as well as formal occasions, this strap adds luxury and style to your watch.

Confirm watch diameter
Applicable table diameter

49mm (millimeters)

45/44/42mm (mm)

Watch series

Apple Watch Ultra 1&2

apple watch series 1~9 (SE)

MeshPro is the most suitable stainless steel Milan strap for Apple Watch Ultra.


Brand new design from start to finish, you will be very satisfied when you install MeshPro for the first time.


I now wear MeshPro every day because I have completely fallen in love with it.


Mesh Pro 49mm

Original titanium color

Mesh Pro 49mm

Original titanium color

Mesh Pro 49mm

titanium black

Mesh Pro 49mm

titanium black

Use teaching

Adjust strap length

When wearing it, you can refer to the following steps to adjust it to fit your wrist. The applicable diameter of the wrist circumference is 150-200mm. It is better to leave half a finger space when wearing it.

Open clasp

Use two fingers to press the switches on both sides at the same time and pull upward to open the clasp.

Table section switch

In the position of the trademark, there is a top cover that can be opened upward. Here is the switch that fixes the table section.

push regulation

At this time, the bracelet can slide up and down to adjust the size. Please make sure to adjust it in a safe environment.

Precision connector

The connectors used in the MeshPro watch strap are all CNC-customized to ensure precise dimensions and a perfect fit with the Apple Watch, providing an incomparable sense of stability.

304 stainless steel wire braid

Carefully woven with 1.2-thickness 304 stainless steel wire, it not only has a high-quality texture, but is also comfortable to wear and allows your skin to breathe. It is suitable for sports, daily or formal occasions.

Vacuum titanium plating color treatment

The carefully designed vacuum titanium plating perfectly integrates with Apple Watch, which not only adds to the luxury of the device, but also shows your personality and taste.

Simple and durable butterfly clasp

The simple design of the butterfly clasp not only makes it easy to put on quickly, but also enhances the durability of the strap. You can adjust the length by turning it upward with your fingers without using tools.

Before You Buy

Confirm compatibility

MeshPro non-shared connector, please confirm your watch face size, you can know the corresponding watch diameter from the back of the watch. Please do not buy a size that is not suitable as it will affect the complete experience of the product.

Confirm watch diameter

Before You Buy

Confirmation method

The most convenient way is to take off the watch and you can know the corresponding watch diameter from the back of the watch. Please confirm on the menu before purchasing. Or click on the bottom right to contact customer service for assistance.

Confirm watch diameter


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