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Slim Folio 超薄支架保護殼

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model: iPad Pro 11 (M4)
color: space black
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Slim Folio iPad Case

Slim Folio for iPad Case 為 iPad 使用者提供了多角度支援功能,讓您在閱讀、觀看電影、打字或進行視訊通話時都能找到最佳視角。這款保護殼還具備智能喚醒功能,打開即刻喚醒 iPad,合上自動進入睡眠狀態,節省電量。其纖薄透明的設計輕巧便攜,不僅展示 iPad 的原始外觀,還能全面保護正面與背面。創新的磁吸扣蓋設計確保面蓋牢固閉合,提供更好的安全保護。

這款保護殼真是太棒了!多角度支援功能讓我在任何情況下都能舒適使用 iPad,而且磁吸扣蓋非常牢固,完全不用擔心面蓋會鬆開。


我喜歡這款保護殼的透明設計,既能展示 iPad 的原始外觀,又能提供全面保護。背蓋的磨砂質感也非常好,不會留下指紋。


Slim Folio 的設計非常纖薄,攜帶起來非常方便。智能喚醒功能也很實用,不用再手動解鎖 iPad 了。強烈推薦!


Slim Folio for iPad Case


Slim Folio 支援多種觀看角度,無論是閱讀、觀看電影、打字,還是進行視訊通話,都能輕鬆調整到最佳位置,提升您的使用體驗。


Five folding instructions

Through the unique folding cover design, it provides five different standing angles, perfectly adapting to various usage scenarios.

Horizontal 65° angle

  • Watching videos : Suitable for watching videos on the table or bed, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable visual experience.
  • Video call : During a video call, this angle can make your perspective more natural and more in line with the needs of video conferencing.

Horizontal 60° angle

  • Reading e-books : This angle is suitable for reading e-books for a long time, ensuring your neck is comfortable and reducing reading fatigue.
  • Browsing the web : In landscape mode, you can browse web content more clearly at a 60-degree angle, making it easier for you to operate.

Horizontal 50° angle

  • Office work : This angle is suitable for working at a desk, typing or browsing documents, maintaining a comfortable posture and improving work efficiency.
  • Creative painting : For creative and painting work that requires precise operation, this angle provides an appropriate tilt to make operation more convenient.

Written 20° angle

  • Note writing : This angle is very suitable for taking notes or writing work on the iPad, providing the most comfortable writing experience.

Straight 45° angle

  • Presenting presentations : When presenting presentations or pictures, this angle provides the best presentation, allowing the audience to see the content clearly and attract attention.

Magnetic design

The innovative use of strong magnetic suction design eliminates the need for steel sheets, and the suction force is stronger and the effect is better, ensuring that the cover is firmly closed and protected.


打開 Slim Folio 即刻喚醒 iPad,合上即進入睡眠狀態,節省電量,延長使用時間。

Apple Pencil 2 磁吸充電

支援2024 Apple iPad's 最新Apple Pencil 2磁吸充電。

Will not turn yellow

The case is made of transparent plastic, which will not oxidize and turn yellow, and the back is frosted, so no annoying fingerprints will remain during use.

Ultra thin and light

Only a 4mm increase in thickness has resulted in the thinnest protective case design on the market. This is not only a protective case, but also a perfect fusion of fine craftsmanship and innovative technology.

Accessories matching

Consider the iPad accessories you already have, or those you might purchase in the future. Choose a color to match your iPad and accessories.


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