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EÜV Pro color changing transparent case-magnetic version (button type)

Sale price$1,180

model: iPhone 15 Pro
color: Transparent to gray



EUV color-changing transparent case, the new improved TPU can slow down yellowing and aging, and the ultraviolet shielding function "UV-induced color change" When the periphery of the mobile phone case is exposed to ultraviolet rays (such as sunlight), its surface will produce a special shielding reaction. The originally transparent part will gradually turn gray due to the action of ultraviolet rays, creating an interesting shielding effect. This special effect not only makes the surroundings of the phone case more interesting, but also allows users to experience surprises in different light environments.

product material

TPU + PC (one-piece molding)

TPU + PC + 38 magnets (one piece)

It’s really interesting how the phone case changes color when exposed to the sun. It feels like there are two phone cases.
At first I thought it would be difficult to turn back to transparent after discoloration, but it turned out that it took just a few minutes to restore.
I always buy UNIU when I change my mobile phone, and it didn’t disappoint me this time. It feels just as comfortable in my hand.

crystal clear

Ultra-high transparency, like a shadow

Using advanced material technology, this protective case is ultra-transparent, making your phone seem to travel through time and space. The clear and transparent case perfectly showcases your phone's original look, while the color-changing effect injects a sense of mystery into your phone.

Comprehensive protection

Higher than 1.5mm

Improved frame design, away from surface contact, comprehensively protects your mobile phone lens, and can perfectly fit with the lens protector. Soft material with excellent anti-collision performance, protecting the impact caused by collision.

Raise the border

higher than 2mm

Provides ultimate screen protection and is perfectly compatible with all protectors on the market, ensuring that your phone screen always remains as clear as new!

Strong magnetic attraction

Extreme magnetic attraction

Using advanced 54n super strong magnet technology, the magnetic attraction is strong and stable. Whether you're charging or using a MagSafe accessory, it's guaranteed to be tightly connected and perfectly compatible with your phone.

UV Detection

UV ultraviolet sensing technology

We have introduced advanced UV sensing technology so that this transparent mobile phone case can detect UV rays in the environment. This is not only a mobile phone protective case, but also a smart sensing device that provides real-time environmental information for your health.

discolored area

TPU will turn gray when exposed to sunlight's ultraviolet rays, which can reduce the yellowing and aging of materials caused by ultraviolet rays. Learn about warranty plans>


After UV



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