EÜV Color Changing Transparent Case-Magnetic Version

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model: iPhone 15 Pro
color: Transparent to gray
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EUV color-changing transparent case, the new improved TPU can slow down yellowing and aging, and the ultraviolet shielding function "UV-induced color change" When the periphery of the mobile phone case is exposed to ultraviolet rays (such as sunlight), its surface will produce a special shielding reaction. The originally transparent part will gradually turn gray due to the action of ultraviolet rays, creating an interesting shielding effect. This special effect not only makes the surroundings of the phone case more interesting, but also allows users to experience surprises in different light environments.

product material

TPU + PC (one-piece molding)

TPU + PC + 38 magnets (one piece)


6.1 inches (15 & 15 Pro)

  • 151x75x11.5mm
  • 28g

6.7 inches (15 Pro Max)

  • 165x82x11.5mm
  • 33g

6.1 inches (15 & 15 Pro)

  • 151x75x11.5mm
  • 31g

6.7 inches (15 Pro Max)

  • 165x82x11.5mm
  • 35.5g
screen saver

Height 2mm (applicable to full version protective sticker)

Height 2mm (applicable to full version protective sticker)

UV color change induction

TPU will turn gray when exposed to sunlight's ultraviolet rays, which can reduce the yellowing and aging of materials caused by ultraviolet rays. Learn about warranty plans>


After UV


Patented gasket system


It can be perfectly paired with the lanyard spacer and is suitable for those with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

StarpLink™ patented gasket system

The metal hook can be extended through the lanyard spacer, allowing the phone to be used as a strap lanyard or for more use situations.

Installation method

When using the lanyard spacer for the first time, there will be some slight positioning that needs to be adjusted. Watch the video to learn how to adjust it to the completed state.

Charging integration

Our design has reserved enlarged charging holes, which are compatible with all third-party charging accessories, and can flatten the lower half of the cover.

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StarpLink™ lanyard spacer with a flat design for a clean finish.

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STRAP⁺ 背帶掛繩組 6mm - UNIUSTRAP⁺ 背帶掛繩組 6mm - UNIU
STRAP⁺ Strap Lanyard Set 6mm Sale price$687 Regular price$780


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