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DAPPER⁺Pro fog translucent shell (button type)

Sale price$980

model: iPhone 15 Pro
color: terracotta color

two styles


DAPPER⁺ Pro phone case presents an extremely thin and beautiful matte design, which does not leave fingerprints and has a comfortable and skin-friendly grip experience. Special stainless steel buttons provide real press feedback, allowing you to feel the same tactile feel as a real machine, which is pleasant. Additionally, this case not only protects your phone but also showcases its simple yet elegant style. If you want to make your phone even better, this is the case for you.

product material

TPU + PC (one-piece molding)

TPU + PC + 38 magnets (one piece)

terracotta color


space black

Space Black

Dark night blue

Dark night blue

The texture of the matte surface is really good, the Apple logo can be seen very clearly, and the feel is great. Highly recommended!
The magnetism is really strong, and the transparent shell does not leave any traces after being used for a period of time. The experience during this period is very good.
The keys are very easy to press, crisp and loud. The tightness of the phone case is also great, five-star recommendation.

limited color

Limited Color

The limited edition Clay-colored DAPPER⁺ mobile phone case is specially made of raw titanium metal. The neutral and stable color makes your mobile phone the focus of fashion.

Extreme magnetic attraction


Using advanced 54n super strong magnet technology, the magnetic attraction is strong and stable. Whether you're charging or using a MagSafe accessory, it's guaranteed to be tightly connected and perfectly compatible with your phone.

Lanyard Spacers


The DAPPER+ patented lanyard spacer system not only makes it easier to wear lanyards on your phone, but also ensures that the bottom of your phone remains flat. It avoids the protruding problem that traditional rope decoration systems may cause, allowing your phone to always remain elegant and thin.

Selected three colors


Space black, terracotta, midnight blue. Interpret unique color art. The futuristic feel of space black, the natural elegance of clay color, and the romantic mystery of dark night blue. These three colors are specially designed for mobile phones, creating a perfect combination of mobile phones and art.


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