Quality Assurance

UNIU products are produced using high-quality raw materials in factories that have passed the international quality certification ISO9100. Strict standards control the manufacturing process and raw material supply. Special materials and design structures are patented. Cooperate with the third-party SGS global laboratory to conduct relevant experimental quality verification. The warranty and after-sales service provided by our company do not cover damage caused by accidents, improper operation, abuse and natural signs of use.

One-year quality guarantee One Warranty Policy

The protective case is an electronic protection consumable. In the event of an accidental drop, the protective accessory will protect your electronic product. When the protective accessory is subjected to external impact, the external force will cause appearance loss according to the degree; such as damage, breakage , scratches, staining, etc. are all losses caused by natural use and are not covered by the after-sales warranty. Due to different material properties and daily use, discoloration or variation in surface appearance may occur, such as silicone products, leather products, etc. The basis of the one-year quality guarantee is that when the user uses it in a normal environment, the product has no trauma, but it cannot work normally, loses the normal function of protecting the mobile phone, loses the normal function of operating buttons, and loses the normal use of magnetic suction function. Loss of function is a prerequisite for warranty coverage, as the product is unable to provide normal protection and functionality.